Mikayla A. tried her hardest to attend her traditional high school but when illness got in the way, absences took a real toll on her academic performance. Before she knew it, she was behind in credits and was struggling to keep up. That’s where My Virtual Academy came in…

She stated, “MVA has brought me in the right direction of success because it gave me an opportunity public schools couldn’t. Absences weren’t able to effect the hard work I put into my grades.” There are a lot of students who encounter illnesses with themselves or a family member. It makes it hard to attend regular classes that have set times/days of the week. Virtual school can be a lifesaver for students who face this scenario.

When a student learns virtually, they are working on a customized program, from the comfort of their own home (or anywhere else with internet access). They have the flexibility to complete their assignments on their own time. If they need to work ahead because they have upcoming appointments or surgeries, they can do so. If they need extra time to complete their coursework due to unexpected life events, they can have that too, without the worry they will be in trouble or are falling behind.

Mikayla Azbell Graduation PhotoMikayla went on to say, “I was able to finish my classes at my own pace, and have the opportunity to get grades which were up to my standard by retaking quizzes and having help from a mentor.” Having pride in the grades they receive and their studies boosts teen’s confidence and gives them the extra drive to push harder and excel. Mikayla is a prime example of that.

“My favorite thing about MVA is being able to work on my school at my own pace and whether I am sitting in a classroom all day, my hard work still pays off without losing it over absences. I don’t have to sit through a lecture on things I already know, and if I’m having trouble understanding a topic, I have a mentor to guide me through it. I also have the opportunity to go back and fix my grades until they are up to my standard.”

Mikayla is a prime example of a great student success story when someone completes their schooling with My Virtual Academy. We aim to help students get closer to graduation every day. It’s our goal and we take great strides to meet it.

If you think virtual learning might benefit your student, reach out to us. Visit our website at www.myvirtualacademy.com or give us a call at 800-297-2119 and one of our staff members would be happy to discuss all of the educational options that await your student at MVA. We hope to hear from you soon!