Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Students, parents, adults looking to complete their high school education, obtain their diploma, and start a new career often have many questions for the educators at My Virtual Academy. To help with these questions and provide the best possible answers, we’ve collected a list of frequent questions and concerns.

We invite you to review our FAQs. If you have further questions or would like more information, please contact My Virtual Academy today!

General Questions & Information

Is My Virtual Academy an accredited school?

Yes, My Virtual Academy is accredited by Cognia, the parent organization of The North Central Association CASI, along with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools CASI and the Northwest Accrediting Commission.

Can grandparents and guardians enroll students in online classes?

Yes, as long as they can provide required documentation proving that they’re the legal guardian.

How do you work with students who are bullied, stressed or have high anxiety?

Each student will work with our experienced staff to help ease any anxiety they experience during their education. Our staff works with each student to build a relationship focused on trust, honesty, and integrity. Students will get to know our staff on a personal level, which helps them focus on academic success. Our staff has been trained to work with students of all backgrounds and to make the online experience a welcoming one.

How long does it take to complete My Virtual Academy?

Online courses are available 24/7, which means students can complete their courses once they’ve mastered the material.  Each student’s approach is different on their path to success, but a good goal is one course every 3 weeks.

How are the online classes scheduled?

Courses are scheduled based upon district requirements and expectations.

Does My Virtual Academy offer summer school?

Yes. Summer school is offered seprately with district approval and a related fee.

Does My Virtual Academy offer classes in Spanish or other languages?

Yes, we currently offer Spanish with more languages to come.

Pricing and Information

How much does it cost to attend My Virtual Academy?

Students under 22 years of age can attend My Virtual Academy for free.

Does My Virtual Academy offer computers to its students?

Yes, all necessary equipment is provided to enrolled students.

What kind of computer programs or apps do you use for online classes?

Edmentum software powers our online courses and programs, in conjunction with additional resources available to students.

Can I sign up for classes if I'm over 21 years of age?

Yes. Students cannot be 22 before September 1st of the school year.

Areas We Serve

Do you offer courses for people living in my area?

Yes, we can offer courses to students across Michigan.

Do you serve any other states besides Michigan?

Yes, we currently work with students in Louisiana. We will soon be offering online classes in Virginia, along with more states.

Does My Virtual Academy work with state school districts?

Yes, we partner with multiple school districts across the state.

High School Completion

Can My Virtual Academy help me earn my high school diploma?

Yes, graduates of My Virtual Academy earn their high school diploma from one of our partnering school districts.

Does My Virtual Academy award GEDs or Diplomas for completing high school courses?

Students earn a high school diploma upon completion of the all required coursework.

Job Training and Credit Recovery

Does My Virtual Academy offer job training?

No, but MVA does offer multiple resources designed to connect students with colleges, jobs, apprenticeships, and more.

Can I earn high school credits as an adult?

Yes, adults can earn their high school diploma from us.  Call us at 586-649-2323 for more information.

How to Enroll

Does My Virtual Academy offer job training?

My Virtual Academy no longer offers vocational training to its students. However, we can help students with placement in job training programs. Contact us today to learn more.

When can I enroll?

We accept applications all year long.

What information do I need to provide to My Virtual Academy?

In addition to the application, MVA requires verification of the original birth certificate, proof of residency, and immunization records.  Additional documentation may be required based upon district enrollment, which would include transcripts, driver’s license of parent/guardian, and additional proof of residency.

Apply Online with My Virtual Academy

If you’re looking to obtain your diploma, regain credits, take your first steps to a new future, or know a student in need of help, then apply to My Virtual Academy today to get started with our unique, personalized approach to learning.