The History of My Virtual Academy

The History of My Virtual Academy

The History of My Virtual Academy

Before we became My Virtual Academy, our owners and educators offered vocational education services to Michigan residents from the 1960s through the 1990s. During this time, we helped thousands of students start new and fulfilling careers across Michigan and beyond.

Expanding Our Education Services

In 1991, My Virtual Academy was established because we saw the need to expand our capabilities. This led to the integration of adult education classes and alternative education services for students. Our shift toward serving the alternative education field included the integration of online education tools, which served the starting point for what we have become.

Committed to Teaching & Support

Beginning in 2003, My Virtual Academy began offering nationwide online tutoring services as part of the No Child Left Behind Act. 47 states were supported under this act, which allowed My Virtual Academy to assist 50,000 students with their education.

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Helping Michigan Students Succeed

In 2008, My Virtual Academy began offering alternative education and diploma programs for high school and middle school students in Michigan. This has allowed thousands of students across the state to finish their education, obtain their diploma, and be prepared for the next steps in life. Learn more about the Michigan school districts we serve.

Learn More About Your Online Education

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