Tuition-Free Online Classes

Tuition-Free Online Classes

Tuition-Free Online Classes

One of the most common questions we receive at My Virtual Academy is, “How much does it cost to attend online classes?” In most cases, the answer is simple: nothing.

Partnering with School Districts

My Virtual Academy works directly with school districts throughout Michigan, which means middle school and high school students enrolled in our part-time classes and full-time courses do not have to pay to attend. Every student enrolled in our program is funded by the state through a participating Michigan school district.

Free Laptops, Tablets & Internet

Our teachers, coaches, and mentors assist students throughout the enrollment and education process. In addition, My Virtual Academy provides online education technology, including laptops, tablets, and Internet access, for students in need. These materials are provided free of charge.

Online Education Courses

My Virtual Academy offers a wide selection of high school completion programs for our students. We invite you to review our available alternative education courses and full-time programs.

Earn your high school diploma at home

The Experience of an Online Education

My Virtual Academy understands that not every student can succeed in a traditional school setting. Whether it’s a difficult home life, problems with classmates and assignments, or other social-emotional issues, our educators are here to propel these students to greater heights in a comfortable, flexible learning environment. We even offer graduates a $500 scholarship to use at the higher education institute of their choosing.

Apply Online with My Virtual Academy

If you’re looking to obtain your diploma, regain credits, take your first steps to a new future, or know a student in need of help, then apply to My Virtual Academy today to get started with our unique, personalized approach to learning.