Whats So Big And Bad About Math?

Whats So Big And Bad About Math?

Many, many moons ago, a family was on vacation in Canada. The parents decided to take the family (mom, dad, and 4 youngsters) to see one of the 7 Wonders of the World – Niagara Falls! The beauty that beholds the Earth there is breathtaking. The water rushing over the edge, dropping hundreds of feet below. You can feel the strength and majesty of the Falls just by standing next to it. While everyone else was googling over the wonderment that is the Falls, one of the little girls in that family was tired and bored. She didn’t understand why they had to sit and stare at water. She wanted to go play and do something, anything, else. The little girl stood up and shouted at her parents, “What’s so big and bad about Niagara Falls anyway!?” People around the family laughed and the dad replied, “Honey, one day you’ll look back and laugh. You are too young to understand it now, but you are lucky to be here on this trip and should appreciate what’s around you.”

What’s so big and bad about Niagara Falls?

Often times, we find things in our lives to be tedious and “boring” because we don’t know what we’ll do with the information that we’re learning. Will we ever need to know how chemicals react? Will we ever use the information taught to us in algebra? Will we ever need to recall the names of the early explorers?

Your teen may have questions like those running through their heads as you are reading this. They may be annoyed that they are forced to study various subjects in school, such as math. They may be wondering, “What’s so big and bad about math?” We’ll tell them right now!

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An easy way to let your teen know how important math is in their daily life is to relate it to something they are interested in and often times that is money! They know they need money in order to go out with their friends, put gas in their car, etc. They know they’ll need it in the future because they probably have envisioned a lavish lifestyle for themselves and that doesn’t come without a price tag attached. Knowing how to handle money and track it is all about math. They’ll need to know how to do percentages, balance a check book or ledger, pay bills; the list goes on and on!

Some teens might think that because they don’t plan on entering a field related to STEM upon graduation they won’t need to use math after graduation in their line of work. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. People don’t refer to math as the “universal language” for just any old reason. Math is used in all lines of work and actually, if your teen plans on attending a college or university, many won’t allow them to take certain classes until they have a few math classes and other prerequisites under their belt.

If someone just passed through their math class and made it by the skin of their teeth, they might have a hard time with everyday tasks that life presents. For example, they need math skills in order to calculate distances when they are on a road trip. Math skills come into play when cooking, baking, telling time, and even with keeping score when they play sports. Numbers are everywhere in our lives and it’s so important that they take learning math seriously.

When you learn math, you learn how to manipulate numbers but the skills you learn in math aren’t stagnant to just that subject. When your brain learns how Math Problemto solve math problems, you sharpen your logic skills along with your quantitative reasoning. These skills come together to help you throughout your life to become better at making decisions. You can logic things out and come up with a solution to problems that you’ll face.

A solid foundation in math will set your teen up for success at every stage of their life. It is a skill that simply cannot be done half-heartedly or taken lightly. At My Virtual Academy, it is our mission to have every student succeed. We work diligently with each student to ensure that their academic needs are being met. Our vision for your student doesn’t stop when they leave us after high school graduation. We take pride in ensuring they leave our school with the skills needed to take on the world.

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