When we decided to ask students how their experience has been at My Virtual Academy, Kayla C. was one of the first to respond. We touched base with Kayla over the phone to get her story and hear her thoughts on our program and when our conversation was over, we could summarize Kayla’s feelings into 4 words: excited about the future!

Kayla C. came to us after realizing that her former school environment wasn’t working out to her advantage. Kayla said, “I was failing. I was an F student. I was worried about everyone and everything around me. My mom transferred me to My Virtual Academy and now I’m almost an all A student!”

She went on to say that in her previous school she felt very distracted and needed to make a change. When she sat down with her family and decided that making the switch to a virtual school would be a good thing to do, the transfer was easy as she had her uncle by her side. He decided to try out virtual learning at the same time so they’ve been a strong support system for each other and are both expected to graduate in December 2018.

“Making the transition to MVA was the easiest thing in the world. I still get up at 6:45am, just like I did for my old high school, and do my schooling all day.” Like most teens, Kayla has a job to earn spending money and loves the flexibility that being a virtual student offers.

Kayla has also found that the flexibility really came in handy when her grandfather passed away a few weeks ago. Kayla said, “All of the teachers at MVA are so understanding and helpful. When my grandfather passed away, they were very understanding and they were very flexible and worked with me. That helped a lot.”

Throughout the interview, we couldn’t help but notice how excited Kayla was about not only her future, but also her current status. She raved, “Ever since switching, everything changed. My whole life has changed. I’m happier. I have a better home life now. I’ve done a total 360. My Virtual (Academy) has totally changed my life.”

When asked what her favorite thing was about attending My Virtual Academy, she responded, “The teachers. They are hands on and helpful. I went from being a failing student at my old school who was constantly brought down by my teachers and told I would never graduate or amount to anything and now here I am. I’m going to graduate with good grades and I recovered the credits that I needed from my old school.”

As we ended the interview, we asked Kayla what she would say if she were talking to her old self or students who are struggling now and contemplating making a change in their education and her answers were profound.

“Take a breath. Don’t stress over stuff before it happens. If you need help, the teachers at MVA are always there to help you. Most importantly, do it for yourself and for your life. If you have any future plans or goals for yourself, you need to do it. Make the switch. Do it for yourself.”

Well said, Kayla.Kayla C

If you or a loved one is struggling in their current school, please know there are other options out there. My Virtual Academy provides coursework tailored to each, individual student. We provide a flexible learning structure where the students are able to complete their coursework at their own pace, from the comfort of their own home. We have enrollment specialists that would love to answer any questions you may have and explain more details about our tuition-free academy. Please reach out to us by calling 800-297-2119 or visiting our website, www.myvirtualacademy.com.