When is the last time that you started something new or embarked on a new adventure? We all get those flutters in our stomach and wonder if we’re making the right decision when we give something new a shot. It’s perfectly normal and that’s exactly what happened to Branna W.

Before enrolling in My Virtual Academy, Branna was a teen in high school that was getting into trouble and kept getting suspended. She spent a lot of time fighting and trying to fit in with friends that she now realizes weren’t really her true friends at all.

Branna owes a lot of credit to her mother, Kimberly, who knew at the end of Branna’s 9th grade year that her current situation was bad news and she had to make a change. Kimberly thought back to an ad she saw on a bus for My Virtual Academy and decided to give us a call. We were so happy she did!

There are a lot of parents who find themselves in a situation very similar to the one we just mentioned. The important thing for parents to keep in mind is that there is hope! Just because their teen isn’t excelling in their current school doesn’t mean all hope is lost. At My Virtual Academy, your student’s success is our number one goal. After all, if they don’t succeed, we don’t succeed.

When Branna’s mom discussed switching to a virtual learning academy, Branna was resistant to start. She wasn’t interested in changing up her learning environment, which is understandable – change can be scary.

After a rough start with our program, Mrs. Karasienski encouraged her to get moving in the program. During the first meet-and-greet, Branna got to meet Mrs. Karasienski. Being able to put a face to the voice behind the phone was just what she needed to start plowing ahead. Hearing words of encouragement let her spread her wings and she started flying through her classes. Branna was so motivated that she worked hard and graduated a whole year ahead of schedule!

That’s the beauty of flexible, individually-paced learning. If you want to forge ahead and complete courses rapidly, you can. If you are a student who needs some additional time, you’ve got it! It’s really a win-win for every student enrolled.

Branna has her sights set on attending Oakland Community College and is in the process of determining which field of study she would like to pursue. Picture this, Branna was a student who didn’t see her future in a very bright light. She had no hope for success. Now she has graduated ahead of time and is planning on attending college.

Your future is bright, Branna. Let your light shine!

If you have a student in another school and they are facing difficulties for any reason, we encourage you to reach out. Our staff can walk you through how our academy works and discuss enrollment. You may call us at 800-297-2119 or visit us online at www.myvirtualacademy.com.