When Marcus C. decided to join My Virtual Academy, he was largely looking to try something new. No one he knew had tried virtual learning before, so he was in uncharted waters. Armed with a positive attitude and an eagerness for change, he found the transition to online learning a breeze. Marcus wasn’t scared, nervous, or anxious about switching schools and was very excited to enjoy the benefits of the flexible scheduling that virtual learning offers.

We spoke with Marcus and asked him what he loved most about attending a school that has a flexible schedule and he said, “Having a flexible schedule allows me to make my own schedule and manage my own time so in case I’m sick or have errands to run, this flexibility works great!” He continued to say, “If I need to look for a job in the future, this type of schooling will give me flexibility and a school/work balance.”

Marcus mentioned he liked that, “My Virtual Academy paved a way for me to go to a community college or trade school.” If he could give some words of advice for teens who are contemplating switching from a traditional school to My Virtual Academy, he would say, “Stay positive. Work hard. MVA is a good path to take to earn your diploma.”

While Marcus just wanted to try something new, the level of flexibility My Virtual Academy offers can be a true life saver for some students. If your teen is facing adversities in school, whether it be bullying, health problems, teen pregnancy, or for any other reason, we would love to talk to you and show you that there is a way your teen can be successful at school and earn their high school diploma. Continue on to read about Titiyana, a teen mom, who would not be able to complete high school without the flexible scheduling My Virtual Academy offers.

Teen pregnancy is something that throws a curve ball to a lot of teens during their high school years. Sometimes it’s hard to see the path that they should take to obtain their high school diploma while juggling being a mother, but the important thing to note is that there is indeed a path! So many teen moms feel that they have no choice but to set aside their hopes and dreams because of choices they made, but that’s simply not the case.

While it may be difficult to attend a traditional school, students like Titiyana N. found virtual learning was an excellent option for them. Titiyana learned she was pregnant during her junior year of high school. Eager to earn her high school diploma, she knew returning to her traditional school wasn’t going to be a good option for her so she decided to try enrolling in My Virtual Academy.

Titiyana raved about switching to My Virtual Academy. When we spoke, she said, “It was exciting! It’s much better than going to a regular school. I get a lot more done and it’s flexible. I love being able to work at my own pace. I can tend to my son and do my schooling after.”

She mentioned that when she first started taking classes at My Virtual Academy, she had to set up a schedule so she could keep track of everything and stay on course. Like a true mom, Titiyana found that this way of schooling made multitasking easier and she would recommend it to other teen moms.

Are you in a situation similar to Titiyana’s or just want to try something new like Marcus? Please always remember that there are options out there! You don’t need to exclusively do one or the other. Schooling and motherhood can coexist when you are at the right school. We pride ourselves in offering tailored, flexible, individualized coursework that allows you to fit in all the different roles in your life simultaneously. To learn more, please visit our website or give us at call at 800-297-2119.