If your high schooler is exhibiting signs that they may be struggling in school, it may be time to explore other schooling options. It’s very important that your teen continue to stay on track, working towards their high school diploma, regardless if it’s in a traditional classroom or from the comfort of their own home as a virtual student.

We realize every student is unique. What works for one student may not work for the next. That’s why it’s so important to provide students with a tailored program, and that’s just what we do at My Virtual Academy. Students love the flexibility and that they can work at their own pace. When students learn in this manner, a lot of pressure is relieved and they have a high rate of earning their high school diploma.

Other reasons that My Virtual Academy stands above the rest include:

  • Accreditation – We are accredited by Cognia.
  • Our teachers, success coaches, and mentors make personal contact to direct each student at least twice each week. Tutoring assistance is always available.
  • We use the Edmentum™ software and have customized its Plato® classes for high school student success. A team of grade specific teachers and curriculum specialists have created our own customized courses.
  • Our instructional design promotes learning through interacting with curricula by providing:
    • Student skills mastery and practice
    • Real-world application
  • Our curriculum is aligned with State standards. It is interactive and media-rich with activities and learning tools to really engage students.
    • Reading tools include dictionary, slide narration, and click-to-speak
    • Highlighter tool for note-taking
    • Computerized note taking section
    • Translation tools, especially helpful for ESL students
    • Scoring rubrics focused on learning and retention
    • Ability to replay and repeat lesson until mastery is achieved
  • Edementum™ Assessments provides a targeted intervention program using personalized, data-driven instruction to address the needs of all our students.
  • Teachers monitor each student’s progress and track activity and progress daily.
  • We keep parents informed and try to involve them in their child’s education.
  • Our curriculum can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week on any device.

Girl learning virtuallyOur wonderful staff at My Virtual Academy works diligently to ensure that every high schooler can succeed. It can be a scary thing to venture out and try a new way of schooling but often times, taking the first step is the hard part. Once you see how much your student loves it and that they are flourishing, it won’t take long to see you made the right choice. We think your student will find that working on their own time, in their own home, in a virtual atmosphere works best. Give us a call at 800-297-2119 and give your student a fresh start. You can also click here to enroll today!