You’ve made it!!! Graduation is right around the corner and this is such an exciting time in your life, as well as your families. Guess who else is bursting with pride at your accomplishment? Us! Every time a student reaches graduation, we ring the bell in our office so that everyone knows another student achieved success and the excitement spreads like wildfire throughout our office. It wasn’t always an easy road to get here but you did it. You overcame what life threw at you, trying to curtail your future, and got back on track. Everyone who witnessed your commitment, dedication, and drive to achieve your goals will be celebrating you come graduation day.

This time of the year is hectic! You’re busy planning what will happen after graduation, completing scholarship applications, finding housing, planning an epic graduation party, etc. To keep it all together and not lose your mind, we’ve compiled an end-of-the-year checklist of sorts to help keep it smooth sailing and stress-free.

In the spring…

  • Double check with your mentor that you are indeed on track to graduate. You don’t want any unpleasant surprises!
  • Discuss if you’re having a graduation party. If you are, think of where you’ll have it and who you will invite.
  • When you receive your cap and gown, make sure everything is included and fits properly. Feel free to decorate your cap, so long as it is school appropriate!

Leading up to graduation…

  • Treat yourself to a nice outfit to wear on graduation day. It’s a big day and you deserve to feel special!
  • Get those invitations in the mail! Sending them out four weeks early gives folks enough time to plan and will most likely increase the attendance since people will still have the date open.
  • Gather items you might want to showcase on your graduation boards. Often times, graduates will have tri-fold or poster boards with pictures of them throughout their school days, from kindergarten until graduation. This allows people to remanence and reflect on you.
  • Make sure you have completed all of your scholarship applications, if you are going on to secondary education.
  • Steam your cap and gown (if you have a steamer) or take it to the dry cleaner to have wrinkles removed. It’s your special day – you want to look your best!
  • Now is a nice time to put pen to paper and write notes to those whom have helped you get to where you are today. You may want to write letters to your parents or guardians, grandparents, other loved ones, teachers, and staff members. Kind words of appreciation leave lasting impressions, and it makes you feel good, too!

GraduationOn the big day…

  • First thing in the morning, make sure that your phones and cameras are charged. You will be happy to have pictures to look back on of your big day.
  • Give someone the task of being your official photographer. It will be nice to have pictures from multiple people but if one person knows they are in charge of capturing the moments of the day, you’ll get all the right shots.

After graduation day…

  • Have your graduation celebration!
  • Send out thank you cards for those that came or sent you a gift in the mail.
  • Make sure you have living arrangements figured out if you will be going away to school.
  • Be ready and excited to start this new chapter of your life!

Even though we broke down important things to do in the remaining days of high school and throughout your last summer before college/trade school or entering a career, don’t forget to take time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. We’ve enjoyed having each and every one of you as students and if you know anyone else that can benefit from our program, please give our office a call at 800-297-2119.