For many students, the traditional classroom simply isn’t the right fit. Perhaps they need a bit longer to grasp the material, compared to most in their classroom. Maybe they are bullied and dread going to school each day. Others may have encountered a health crisis either with them or a close family member and it makes it hard to make it to school on a regular basis. Whatever the situation is, when your 5-12th grader is having difficulties, please know there are other options out there when it comes to completing their schooling.

My Virtual Academy is a tuition-free school that allows your student to learn virtually, in the comfort of their own home. Many students benefit from being a virtual learner because they can learn at their own pace, whether that be fast or slow. Also, our programs are flexible and tailored to each student’s individual needs. Students love that they have more control over their education and do really well in this type of school, when they may have struggled in the past.

Online schools benefit many different types of students such as teen moms, those who travel due to sports, modeling, etc., advanced learners, and those who learn at a slower pace. With technology at everyone’s fingertips these days, being a virtual learner has never been easier! If your student doesn’t have the tools needed to learn at home, don’t fret – we provide it for them while they are enrolled!

Take a look at some of the benefits of virtual learning:

Customized Learning

We don’t make everyone follow the same coursework, regardless of their learning needs. This is not a “one size fits all” approach because that methodology doesn’t work for all students. Our curriculum takes into account each student’s learning needs and objectives. The customization allows students to excel versus feeling overwhelmed and defeated.


Flexibility of being a virtual learnerDoes your student learn at a rapid pace and feel that traditional schools aren’t challenging enough? We’ve got them covered! Does your child get anxious and stumble through things because they need more time, but are rushed to keep up with the rest of the class? We’ve got them covered too! Regardless how your student learns, we will work at their pace to ensure that they succeed. Having the freedom to learn at their own pace gives students the confidence they need to dive in and do their best work.

Early Completion

Is your student looking to graduate ahead of schedule? You’ve come to the right place! Since students learn at their own pace, early graduation is certainly possible for some individuals. Our staff can go over all of the options for your child, if this is something that is of interest to you.

Proficiency in Technology

Students will use a variety of online resources to complete their education, communicate with instructors, as well as with other students. As a result, virtual learners tend to be more technologically fluent and efficient than others their age in traditional schools.

Certified Staff and Amazing Mentors

When people say “it takes a village” to raise a child, that also rings true when it comes to their schooling. Not only will the parent(s) be a strong influence in their everyday schooling, but they will have weekly interaction with their certified teachers and will also be connected with a mentor that will help them and check in to see if they are staying on track.

Learning from the comfort of home

Work Where Comfortable

Some students cannot attend a traditional school regularly due to a variety of life situations. When you are a virtual learner, you can learn anywhere that has an internet connection! This freedom is priceless for many students, such as those who travel a lot for extracurricular activities or who may be in the hospital.

The Pressure is off

Students often feel immense pressure when they are in a traditional classroom. Will they be called upon to read in front of the class? Will they be asked to solve a math problem on the board? For those with anxiety issues or for those who have learning difficulties, day-to-day classroom activities can make for an anxious seven hour school day. Being a virtual learner removes those stressors and allows the student to learn at ease. Students typically exceed expectations when they are learning in a comfortable environment, at their own pace.

See If My Virtual Academy is Right for Your Child

My Virtual Academy is for students in grades 5-12. Our friendly staff would love to talk to you and see if virtual learning would be the perfect fit for your child. Imagine a learning environment where your student is free to be themselves and can learn without the pressures that typically face them at a traditional school. Becoming a virtual learner could be the perfect move for your student! You can browse our website by clicking here, take a stroll on our Facebook page, or call us at 800-297-2119 for additional information and to talk to our staff. We look forward to discussing how MVA could fit your needs.