For many students, the traditional classroom simply isn’t working and delivering positive results. Your middle schooler might be struggling with peer pressure, bullying, or learning disabilities that make it hard to keep up with the rest of the students. Think about how different each student is in a classroom. How realistic is it to expect every student to learn in the same way and at the same pace? It’s no wonder some kids get left in the dust or beat themselves up for not being able to keep up.

School doesn’t need to be a struggle. There are options out there besides traditional schooling and one of those options is virtual learning. My Virtual Academy is a tuition-free school that allows your student to learn virtually, in the comfort of their own home. Many students benefit from learning this way because they can learn at their own pace. Also, our programs are flexible and tailored to each student’s individual needs. Students love that they have more control over their education and do really well in this type of school, when they may have struggled in the past.

Online schools benefit many different types of students such as teen moms, those who travel due to sports, modeling, etc., advanced learners, and those who learn at a slower pace. With technology at everyone’s fingertips these days, being a virtual learner has never been easier! If your student doesn’t have the tools needed to learn at home, don’t fret – we provide it for them while they are enrolled!Middle Schooler on Bench

As if those reasons weren’t enticing enough, My Virtual Academy stands out above the rest because we:

  • Have accreditation by Cognia.
  • Ensure that our teachers, success coaches, and mentors make personal contact to direct each student at least twice each week. Tutoring assistance is always available.
  • Use the Edmentum™ software and have customized its Plato® classes for middle school student success. A team of middle school teachers and curriculum specialists have created our own customized Back On Track courses.
  • Have added a new two-pronged approach to learning to diagnose strengths and needs and deliver targeted instruction to help learners achieve growth and proficiency:
    • Reading, Language Arts, and Math – Exact Path individualizes learning to ensure students work at their appropriate grade level. Adaptive diagnostic assessments provide reliable growth measures while metrics from adaptive learning progress tacks the student’s progress.
    • Math, ELA, Science, and Social Studies – Study Island® promotes proficiency with over 600,000 practice and assessments built to state standards. Data from flexible practice sessions and customized classroom assessments track progress toward standards mastery.
  • Have curriculum that is interactive and media-rich with activities and learning tools to really engage students.
    • Reading tools include dictionary, slide narration, and click-to-speak
    • Highlighter tool for note-taking
    • Computerized note taking section
    • Translation tools especially helpful for ESL students
    • Scoring rubrics focused on learning and retention
    • Ability to replay and repeat lesson until mastery is achieved
  • Employ teachers that are State certified and monitor each student’s progress and track activity daily.
  • Keep parents informed and try to involve them in their child’s education.
  • Ensure our curriculum is aligned with State standards and can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week on any device.

Let’s not leave your child in a classroom that simply isn’t meeting their needs. Taking the first step to make the change is the hardest, but it will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made in regards to your child’s schooling.

Our friendly staff would love to talk to you and see if virtual learning would be the perfect fit for your adolescent. Imagine a learning environment where your student is free to be themselves and can learn without the pressures that typically face them at a traditional school. You can browse our website by clicking here or call us at 800-297-2119 for additional information and to talk to our staff. We look forward to discussing how My Virtual Academy could fit your needs.