As the parents of a virtual learner, have you ever found that you were in a conversation where you had to defend your school choice? We hear about this off and on from families and it can get frustrating having to defend why you chose virtual learning for your child.

Often times, people are just ignorant to the concept. They’ve maybe heard about it in passing but don’t really know the ins and outs of virtual learning. They don’t understand that your child is perhaps getting a better education than their counterpart that is enrolled in a traditional, brick-and-mortar school.

At My Virtual Academy, our programs are tailored to fit your child’s individual needs. They no longer need to feel that they have to keep up with the rest of the class if they are struggling to understand a concept. They are no longer pushed through with near failing grades just because the rest of the class needs to “move on.”

At My Virtual Academy, if your child is gifted and could use some additional challenges in regards to coursework, we have that covered too. The gifted will no longer have to sit back with boredom while the other 20+ students learn the material that they could do in their sleep. Students can learn at their own pace, however fast or slow that needs to be.

Not only is virtual learning a great benefit in that your student learns at their own pace, but they also can learn comfortably. They no longer need to worry about being bullied at school and picked on at lunch. When students are bullied, all focus goes out the window. All they are concerned about is how they will make it through the day. Will someone pick on them? Will someone embarrass them? That’s a terrible way to spend each and every school day. After all, in the traditional school, they see their peers more than they see their family so who would want to spend all that time being ridiculed and picked on?

At a virtual school, such as My Virtual Academy, we work hard to stomp out bullying. We realize that a lot of our students have faced those challenges in the past and we want their main focus to be on their school work, not on who is picking on them that particular day.

Virtual Learning

Another reason why a lot of families choose virtual learning is because their student couldn’t conform to the rigid hours of traditional school. Having a set 7 hour school day isn’t always realistic and going to work for all families. Some families have someone suffering from a terminal illness that needs care or lots of doctor appointments and hospital stays. Some families are on the road as truck drivers and the student needs to be able to do their schooling on the go. Others are following their athletic dreams and need to work in between practices and competitions. Virtual learning seems to be an excellent choice for those families and it relieves the pressure from the student because they aren’t “falling behind” like they would in a traditional school.

There are also a lot of students that have learning difficulties. Perhaps your child suffers from ADD, ADHD, or dyslexia. These are all common learning differences that can stop a student in their tracks in a traditional middle or high school. Students with learning differences may need a different approach or may need to take extra time. When they are learning virtually, that is okay and expected!

You may find that people question you on how your child socially interacts with others when they learn from the comfort of their own home. The myth that virtual learners don’t interact with other students is just that – a myth! They will still do group projects, interact with other students, and will have weekly interactions with their teachers and mentors. In addition, they can easily sign up for athletic teams, bands, dance class, etc. all through their local recreation center or through their local middle/high school, should they choose.

Online learningIn summary, virtual learning isn’t the “easy way out” or a “fluff” school. Our students work just as hard as any other students and they receive a better education because they are working on their time-frame, at their own pace, in the comfort of their own home. They are able to focus and dedicate the hours needed to complete their coursework, but do so as it fits into their daily schedule.

We love our students and families at My Virtual Academy and we are so happy you decided to have your student work towards their high school diploma with us. You made the right decision to give virtual learning a go and we hope you are seeing the positive impact it has had on your student! Never be ashamed that you spoke up and made the right move for your son/daughter. Should you need any additional resources or would like to connect to others in our My Virtual Academy community, head over to our Facebook page. Our staff updates it regularly and we’d love to stay connected!

If you know anyone who would like to switch to an online learning environment as you have for your student, have them call 800-297-2119 to get started today!