Whether your student goes to college or not after earning their high school diploma, one thing remains for certain: they will need to get a job. Students who are enrolled in a traditional school could have a harder time adjusting to entering the work force than virtual learners. After all, in traditional schools, your schedule is mandated; your goals are preset. Much to do with your success is out of your hands.Workplace training

With virtual schools, such as My Virtual Academy, your success is largely in your hands. You have to learn the skills of self-management, which will come easily because you will work on courses at your own pace, on your own time, and you will be responsible for your daily progress. This skill alone gives you an advantage over those who took the traditional route of schooling.

The workforce is evolving at a more rapid pace than ever before. Thanks to the Internet business is no longer conducted just within your community. Even the smallest business can be global. Does your student have the skills needed to keep up with the jobs of tomorrow? If they are at My Virtual Academy, the answer is yes!

Technology is advancing by the minute. That means that your student must have an adaptive set of skills to offer an employer. They must be willing to constantly learn, often from a computerized learning module. These ongoing skill expansions will allow them to stay marketable and valued as an employee and contributor to the business. It will keep them at the top of the list of people who are able to meet their employer’s needs and technological advances. Virtual learning helps prepare students by allowing them to master this style of learning as they complete their high school coursework.

Employers will also be looking for the following characteristics:

Prioritizing Work

As a boss, being able to assign tasks and not micromanage your employee is a must. If someone can be given a job or a task, make a plan of attack and execute it so that the task is complete without the boss having to walk them through things step-by-step, that takes a lot of pressure off of a boss. That’s the kind of employee they want. Good news! Your teen is doing that on a daily basis! They know the job at hand and have to figure out how to organize and plan out how they will complete the lesson. Virtual learning really fine tunes their organizational skills.

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As we mentioned, no one wants to micromanage. It takes a lot out of everyone involved. The boss loses valuable time monitoring what their employee is doing and the employee feels like someone is constantly watching them and telling them what to do. It’s usually a lose-lose situation. Being able to motivate and guide yourself is a must-have skill in today’s job market. As a virtual student, your teen is proficient as they need to be highly self-motivated to succeed in a virtual setting. They need to have the discipline to focus and complete their coursework.

Collaborative Mindset

When you are a virtual student, you are constantly collaborating with others to complete projects. These students that you might work with come from a multitude of different backgrounds, cultures, religions, etc. Successfully collaborating with others that are different from you in school and in the workplace is crucial. It not only offers you insight into how others solve problems, view the world, and digest information, but it forces you to find commonalities and work together to get the job done. The same principle applies to both schooling and the workplace.

Technology and workplace expectations are constantly advancing and My Virtual Academy works hard to Metal workingensure that your student has all the skill-sets needed to exceed during their school years and beyond. We’ve structured our flexible learning courses to meet the needs of your students today while preparing them for the world tomorrow. We believe that the skills they will master while in our academy will do just that. The self-discipline, self-control, organization, time management, and technological know-how will place them highly in a competitive market upon graduation.

Is your student interested in joining My Virtual Academy and gaining the skills needed to give them a leg up? Reach out to us on our Facebook page, our website, or by calling 800-297-2119. Our friendly staff is waiting to answer any questions you may have or begin your child’s enrollment. We believe that every student should have the chance to learn to their full potential, and that may not always mean the traditional brick-and-mortar schools that we are used to. We are a tuition-free school and students enrolled with My Virtual Academy receive everything they need to successfully complete our program and earn their high school diploma. What do you have to lose? See if My Virtual Academy is the right fit for your teen today!