Throughout the month of March, kids all across America will be doing a lot more reading because March is National Reading Month! While students and some parents might view the extra emphasis on reading a bit tedious, the boost in reading during this month has huge rewards that continue to pay off in the near and distant future. So, what’s all the hype about and why is Reading Month so important?

Whenever there is something new going on within a school, it allows the Boy reading on curbstaff to run contests to generate excitement, and push for student involvement through fun activities. Reading Month creates the perfect opportunity to touch on all of those areas! Not only do students end up having fun while learning, but their desire to read increases. Just like with any skill you practice, the more you do it, the better you get. The same goes for reading. The boost of reading during the month of March increases how long the students wish to read along with how frequently they pick up a book. Their confidence in the ability to read and retain information goes through the roof. You will notice that reading impacts all areas of their schooling so any boost of confidence in this skill is a plus!

Reading can be a wonderful outlet for students, particularly those that are going through some tough life situations. Literature allows students to take a break from their reality and transport themselves to a fantasy world. This break from reality is just what many of our students at My Virtual Academy need. Teens can find books that discuss similar issues they are facing, and many students find them to be great sources of strength and encouragement. It’s wonderful when students find a character in a book they can identify with or aspire to be. Encourage your child to do a little research to find a book that speaks to them instead of you choosing one for them. When students choose their own reading material, they tend to have a greater love for reading and show a greater interest.

Girl readingAs we briefly mentioned, literacy skills effect all areas of your child’s schooling. This is why National Reading Month is so important. When a student has poor literacy skills, learning across all subjects is much harder. Typically, when you are trying to learn, you start off by reading about what you’re learning in a book. Sure, there are pictures that relate to the text, but for the most part, you have to read to understand what is being taught. Imagine not being able to read very well. How on earth would you learn what the main idea is and understand the concepts being taught? You wouldn’t! You even have to be able to read math problems. Reading is such a vital part in school that educators use the month of March to promote and develop those literacy skills. Students have found their test-taking skills increase as their literacy skills increase. Proficiency in reading impacts their ability to excel in test taking, class work, and class preparation.

When you have a confident reader, you have a confident student. National Reading Month is in place to boost the love of reading while improving literacy skills. Our staff comes up with fun ways to get students reading because it pays off exponentially when it comes to their academics. If you have a son or daughter that would excel as a virtual student, please visit our website to learn more. My Virtual Academy is a tuition-free program that allows students in grades 5-12 the chance to do their schooling in the comfort of their own home, at their own pace, at times of the day that are convenient for them. Click here for more information