Being a successful high school student takes a lot of work. It also takes a lot of motivation, determination, and patience. Balancing school work, extracurricular activities, and the active teen social life can be challenging, but high school can be one of the best times in a student’s life. With these few tips, your teen can successfully juggle it all.

Invest in a planner.

Whether it is a digital planner that is on their phone or a paper planner that they fill out each day, a planner is necessary to keep organized and stay on top of due dates. They should be writing test dates, homework, and other assignments in there also. Basically everything they are responsible for (including extracurricular activities) should be able to be seen at a glance in their planner.

Set your teen up for success.

Your teen should have an area that is designated for schooling, especially since they learn virtually. This should be in a distraction-free area of the house and a comfy place for them to study. Ideally, they would have a desk, lamp, computer, paper, pencils, pens, etc. Just as you have a desk set up with everything you need to do your job at work, your teen should have one at home for their schooling.

Get your teen involved in groups.Getting teens involved in sports

While school life is important, so is their social life. Encourage your teen to get involved in various academic organizations, sports clubs, rec center activities, and other clubs for teens. They will love the social interaction with others their age and will make great friendships along the way. These clubs will give them a much needed mental break from their school work and other responsibilities.

Know their GPA.

Now, GPA (Grade Point Average) isn’t the end-all, be-all but it does indicate how well your student is doing in their classes. Knowing where they stand in each class will help you determine if they need additional help or instruction from their teacher. So keep on top of that and if they start to dip down below the level you are comfortable with, reach out to us.

Keep in mind that each student is unique.

There is only one you. Your teen shouldn’t be compared to others because it adds stress and frankly, it isn’t fair. Everyone learns differently. Everyone tackles their work differently. If your teen spends their day focused on how they are stacking up to the next door neighbors teen, they aren’t being the best them that they can be. They are wasting time focusing someone who probably won’t be in their life in the long run versus bettering themselves. Encourage them to stop the comparisons and turn their attention inward.

Stop procrastinating.

Most teens always think they can do things at last minute. They can study for a big test the night before. They can complete that homework assignment the morning that it’s due. They are always racing to beat the clock. Teach them to plan ahead and not cram. This is a skill that will not only benefit them during their high school days, but also in their adult life.

Stop procrastinating

Encourage your teen to take care of themselves.

People who run on lack of sleep are setting themselves up for failure. Your brain needs rest to function at its highest capacity. Try to have your teen get as close to 9 hours of sleep each night as they can. This will allow them to start the day refreshed and ready to go.

Your teen’s body not only needs the right amount of sleep, but it also needs the right fuel to keep it going. Often time’s people tend to skip breakfast but that’s an important meal that gets your body going for the day. When your stomach is rumbling, your attention is turned to that and not the task at hand. Make sure to eat a healthy, sustaining breakfast and a good lunch to keep your body and mind going.

Keep your student’s eye on the prize.

Even if times get tough or your teen is struggling in a subject, remind them to keep their head in the game. If they get an occasional bad grade on a test, let them know it’s ok and that you can work together to study more next time. They could ask the teacher if there is an opportunity to earn extra credit. The extra credit could bring their grade back up and improve their GPA.

It’s hard sometimes to think back to the stress you felt as a teen in high school but the stress is real. The pressure to keep grades up, be involved in sports or other activities, as well as keep up with those in their social circle can be daunting and a lot for some to handle. Hopefully the tips mentioned above will help you and your student stay on track and on the successful path all the way through graduation and beyond.

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