High school is hard enough as a typical teenager, but when you add having a baby into the mix you’re looking at very hard times. Juggling taking care of an infant and going to school will be hard, but it is 100% doable. Whatever you do, don’t let your future slip through the cracks simply because you are a teen parent. The benefits of having a high school education are great for both you and your child.

My Virtual Academy helps students from a variety of harsh and/or challenging backgrounds achieve academic success and earn their high school diploma. Teen parents and pregnant teens come to us because they need another way of getting their education – one that will work with their current needs. The biggest of those needs is flexibility. When you are a student with My Virtual Academy, you do your schooling from the comfort of your own home, and since you have access 24/7 to the coursework, you can complete your lessons at times that are convenient for you. Being a virtual student has wonderful perks, especially for new moms who are running on little sleep and can’t leave the house easily to go to traditional school.

So now that you know you have other options out there, what do you do to stay on track and successfully work towards earning your high school diploma? For starters, get yourself a good day planner! Creating a good schedule and sticking to it will be key in making sure nothing slips through the cracks. Once your baby is a few months old, they will most likely be set on some type of routine. There will be estimated times that you know the baby will nap, eat, bathe. You can then plug your schooling in around those times. As long as you’re keeping up with your obligations, it doesn’t matter if you have to break up your studies into a bunch of 30-minute sessions in between naps and feedings. That’s what is so great about this program. You really can work it whenever your time allows each day.Teen mom kissing her child

Make a list of babysitters that you can rely on. You never know when the need will arise for a babysitter. You may have a test to study for that you want some consecutive time to study, not 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there. Having a few reliable babysitters to help watch the baby when you are in a bind can be really handy. Call on them to help you out when you need it so you can stay on top of your studies.

Rely on those around you for emotional support and for helping you care for the baby. A baby is a huge responsibility for anyone, especially a teenager. As they say, it takes a village to raise a child and they are certainly right! Even though you may need to lean on some people now, keep in mind that you are working to set up a stable future for you and your little one. They will thank you and be amazed at all you did for them one day.

If you are someone who is struggling to get their education in a traditional school setting, whether it be from teen pregnancy, bullying, illness, or any other reason, reach out to us and let’s discuss how we can help you reach your goal of earning your high school diploma. You can visit our website or give us a call at 800-297-2119 to discuss your options with an Enrollment Specialist. After giving them a call, check out our Facebook page and hear stories from others that have been in your shoes. We hope to hear from you!