The stores are bustling, houses are lit up with outdoor lights, and students are itching for a break. That can only mean one thing: Holiday break is right around the corner! When this time of the year approaches, it’s easy for students to start to lose motivation and interest when all they want is a much needed (and deserved!) break from school.

It can be hard to keep your student focused during these last couple of weeks before break, but try some of these strategies to keep their eyes on their schoolwork and they’ll continue nailing their tests and coursework right up until the holiday break.

Change Where They Study

A simple change of location can do wonders to reinvigorate the mind. Does your student usually study in their bedroom at their desk? Why not offer that they study at the kitchen table or in the living room? They could change the location up every couple of days if it helps their motivation.

Switch up Their SeatingYoga exercise ball

Have any of those exercise balls lying around? Ask if your student wants to use that instead of their desk chair! They are used a lot in traditional classrooms now to help students keep their mind on their work and your teen may find them a nice change of pace.

Get Up and M.O.V.E.

Fresh air (even cold air!), sunlight, and the energy flowing in nature are sure to give your student a nice, quick break and reset their mind where they are ready to focus and dig into their schoolwork. Have your student take a walk, sit on the patio, or take a quick run for about 15 minutes to clear their head and refocus.

Keep Hands Busy

Remember that fidget spinner craze? Some traditional schools and homeschooling parents have actually found that proper use of them, or products similar, can actually keep your student’s hands busy and allow them to channel their energy into their studies. If you can’t get your hands on a spinner, give them some Play-Doh. It might seem juvenile, but just manipulating it in their hands as they study can help them listen and learn.

Studying with friends and family

Ask Your Student to Teach You

In order to make sure they are really focused and understanding the concepts, why not ask your child to teach you the lesson? Have them act as the teacher and teach you the current math method they are learning or have them explain what they are studying in social studies. This will not only refresh your memory in case they have questions or need help, but it will give them another opportunity to go over the material and lock it into memory.

Explore Different Ways of Learning

When your student hits a lull, encourage them to explore different ways of learning about their current topic. Instead of just reading about the ancient Egyptian pyramids, sit with them and find videos or documentaries on them. Learning in a variety of ways keeps things spiced up and interesting so don’t be afraid to venture outside of the box.

Take Five

Like we mentioned before, everyone needs a break during the day and your student is no exception. Sometimes a 5 minute break is what’s needed to clear the head and direct their focus. Laugh, tell jokes, watch a quick video on YouTube, or grab a snack. It’s like a power break so make it count and then have them get back at it!

At My Virtual Academy, our teachers are always coming up with new ways to make lesson plans exciting and engaging. We realize this time of year it can be hard to keep student’s focused since they have the excitement of the holiday’s right around the corner. You might have out of town relatives coming in or parties to attend. Whatever is happening in your household, it is sure to be enough to make your students mind wander so use our strategies above to bring their attention back to their schoolwork.

Our staff at My Virtual Academy works really hard to provide your student with an online environment in which every student will thrive. We take pride in our flexible learning method and create our coursework to meet each student’s unique, individual needs. To learn more call 800-297-2119.

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