In years past, when a child was enrolled in school, they attended in the traditional brick-and-mortar building. That was the only option. Didn’t matter if the child was gifted and needed a more challenging curriculum, if the child struggled and needed additional time or other ways of learning, or if they had other challenges that prevented them from excelling in that setting. They were essentially stuck and often times, those who struggled ended up dropping out. Those who were advanced were left unchallenged and not learning at their full potential. The good news is that times have changed and there are many ways a child can obtain an education – and that includes learning from the comfort of their own home, at their own pace!

At My Virtual Academy, we take pride in serving those in grades 5 through 12. Our staff is exceptional and we use flexible learning methods to prepare students for their future. We work with many different students such as those who are:

  • homeschooled
  • struggling in their current school
  • looking for an accelerated program
  • bullied
  • coping with a physical or mental illness

Our online program provides a unique learning experience and is set up to help your student achieve academic success!

Virtual schools are vastly different from their traditional counterparts. Here are some things to ponder as you explore if virtual learning is the right move for your child:

Tuition is FREE

Free is always good, right? Other virtual schools charge tuition but when you enroll with My Virtual Academy, tuition is FREE! This takes a big weight off of the shoulders of our families and allows them to direct their attention to what matters most – their child’s success! We want your child to start off on the right foot and for that reason, in addition to being tuition-free, we provide them with everything they need to be successful…this includes a computer and all required software while in the program.

A Dose of Flexibility

It’s not always realistic to have set, mandated school hours. Appointments come up; kids get sick; life can sometimes get in the way. Instead of falling behind or being reprimanded for missing part of the school day, your child completes the coursework on their time frame. They complete the coursework when it’s best for THEM. Some online courses may ask them to participate in a real-time meeting, but almost everything is done on their own time. Also, it’s important to note that coursework can be completed just about anywhere that has the Internet! If you have downtime in between appointments or are traveling, your student can easily stay caught up on their studies.

Extraordinary Materials and Staff

All of our teachers are certified in the state of Michigan and have worked diligently to prepare thorough, exceptional lesson plans. As we mentioned, we want your student to succeed. We provide a computer and software that is necessary for our virtual school. Our coursework is relevant, current, and competitive and will keep your student on the fast track to success.

virtual student

Bully-Free Zone

Bullying is all too prevalent these days, especially at school. We work hard to advocate for those who have been bullied in the past and it is not tolerated on any level at our school. Students who have been the victim of bullying in their previous school should feel safe and secure knowing that they are working from the comfort of their own home. That should reduce anxiety related to schooling and help your child direct their focus on getting good grades, which is where it should have been all along.

Paced Learning

Whether your child works at a high rate of speed or needs a bit more time to rehash their studies, we’ve got them covered! Your child may choose to work their way through at a faster rate, therefore completing their education much quicker than if they were in a traditional school. This is a great option, particularly for those who are eager to enter college or the workforce sooner than expected. On the flip-side, if your student needs additional time when it comes to their schoolwork, that’s okay too! They are behind the wheel, so to speak, and there isn’t any pressure from teachers if they need a little more time.

Self-Motivated, Independent Scholars Excel

By its nature, virtual schools tend to be less structured than traditional classrooms. Children who are self-motivated and who prefer to work independently rather than in groups really excel with this learning method. Your student will remain in frequent communication with their teachers and mentors, who will help keep them on track and on the path to graduation. Even with those check-ins, they’ll have enough space where they can work on their own without someone monitoring their every move.

We strongly believe that My Virtual Academy will be the perfect fit for your child. Should you have any additional questions or would like to enroll your child, please reach out to us online or by phone at 800-297-2119.