We totally get it. The holidays are long gone. Your mind has turned to graduation and let’s face it, you are beyond ready to be done with high school! Senioritis is a very real thing that takes over those who are nearing graduation and it happens every year to the next group getting ready to graduate. Senioritis can be defined as the time when students who are in their final year of school feel an overwhelming lack of motivation and a decline in performance. Sound familiar?

There doesn’t need to be any shame in your game! Almost all of us can say we’ve been there. The end is approaching and after working so hard year after year, it’s easy to begin feeling “over it” and want to sail over what remains of the school year. While your eyes and mind are set on what is ahead after your high school graduation, keep in mind that you still have these final months to push through and keep up those grades. This is the time to make the most out of your senior year and enjoy it to the fullest!

School needs to be in the forefront.

senioritisWhile it’s tempting to toss your hands up and accept any grades that come your way these last few months, keep your eyes on the prize. You need to get through these remaining courses in order to graduate, so don’t be this close and blow it right at the end! You may be focused on employment after high school or maybe you’ve been accepted into college, but remember you have to finish this first. Also keep in mind that colleges can pull transcripts through the end of your high school career even though you may have been accepted already.

Focus on the subjects that excite you.

Do you have a passion for science? What about history? English? There’s bound to be something that ignites a fire inside of you and once you find that, study up on it or work a little ahead of pace while you are still in high school. This is the perfect time to delve a little deeper and see what career you may want to pursue surrounding that passion.

Connect with your teachers, mentors, etc.

The support team you have with My Virtual Academy is like no other. You have people cheering you on and wanting you to succeed everywhere you turn. If you think you can hide and sneak around these last few months, forget about it because they’ll find you and get you back on track. We all have your end goal in mind, and we want you to succeed. Take these last few months to soak in all the knowledge they have and utilize these supportive members to the fullest.

Set goals for yourself.

unmotivated teenIf you are having a really hard time with getting motivated to get up and do your schoolwork, why not give yourself some incentive? You could do things like tell yourself that if you complete your lesson or do a mastery test by a certain time, you’ll treat yourself to a healthy snack or a longer break than normal, for instance instead of taking a 5 minute break, you take a 15 because you reached your goal. Making learning fun is the key to staying interested and motivated.

We really work hard to make sure that each of our students succeeds and reaches graduation. We know this time can be hard. You might feel like you are already beyond your high school days and onto college, but reel yourself in and remember that you have just a short time to go, then you will be on to the next chapter of your life. Always remember that we are here for you, cheering you on along your educational journey!

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