A lot of the northern states have been hit by an arctic blast and tons of snow has fallen – all conditions that leave you wondering what could be done to occupy kids and adults alike. The short, cold days of the winter months can leave you cooped up indoors wondering what to do so we compiled a list that is sure to keep people of all ages busy during snow days.

Fun things to do outside:

  • Build a snow fort
  • Make a snowman
  • Go cross-country skiing
  • Find a big sledding hill and go sledding
  • Go ice skating
  • Hike a nature trail and enjoy the winter scenery
  • Have a good old fashioned snowball fight
  • Learn how to ice fish
  • Go snow tubing
  • Try your hand at photographing the beauty of winter
  • Shovel for those in need in your neighborhood
  • If the weather isn’t too frigid, go camping or stay in a cabin

Fun indoor activities:

Sometimes it’s too cold to enjoy outdoor activities but instead of having everyone camped out in front of the TV or their phones, take a turn at these fun indoor activities that are sure to keep everyone entertained, mentally engaged, and physically fit.

  • Have an overnight stay at an indoor waterpark hotel
  • Encourage everyone to pick a new recipe to try for dinner and cook as a family
  • Try a new workout to get the blood pumping. The internet is a great place to go for new videos.
  • Start a book club within your family and read the book together.
  • Look up fun, tropical locations and plan your next family vacation
  • Learn a new card game and hold competitions amongst your family
  • Make a new craft to decorate this spring or valentine’s day
  • Take this time indoors to sort through your closets and compile stuff that can be donated
  • Sign up for an art class or drop in to a local pottery painting studio
  • Visit a local museum or library
  • Join a gym
  • Go to a local senior center and volunteer your time
  • Invite your teens friends over for a slumber party
  • Start filling out college and scholarship applications
  • Take the time indoors to study and prepare for upcoming tests

You may meet some resistance when you try to encourage your tweens and teens to unplug and get active but once they are, they’ll be all into the family activity. For your virtual learners, they can take the time to review their coursework and catch up on any work they are behind on.

How do you keep your family occupied on snow days? Head to our Facebook page and let us know! Others in the My Virtual Academy community would love to hear your ideas too.

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