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Why Choose My Virtual Academy?

Education is one of the most important life experiences. It can open up amazing opportunities, whether it's college or a better career.

If a student is struggling or is unhappy at school, it's essential to do whatever is possible to help them overcome those challenges.

That's what My Virtual Academy is all about.

The thousands of students we've helped had talent and potential. However, what they needed was an option for education that fit their needs.

Here are a few reasons to choose My Virtual Academy:

It's Designed for You

  • Traditional on-site schooling isn't for everyone
  • Millions of K-12 students nationwide have taken online courses
  • Nationally, thousands take most or all of their coursework online
  • My Virtual Academy offers convenience and flexibility tailored to each students specific needs

It's Self-Paced

  • Schedules created are based on the daily needs of students and parents/guardians
  • Students have flexibility with access to coursework 24/7
  • MVA's program can be completed at the pace that works best for the student

It's Personalized and Supportive

  • Program is designed to meet your specific learning needs
  • Teachers provide one-to-one instruction and support
  • Students receive two contacts weekly from teachers to make sure they're staying on track
  • District mentors communicate weekly on academic progress with students

It's Engaging and Interactive

  • Today's students enjoy an interactive learning experience
  • Coursework involves videos, webinars, and projects
  • Regular communication with teachers and mentors ensures monitoring and oversight
  • Regular interaction with fellow online students stimulates learning

It's Flexible and Convenient

  • Coursework can be done at the time that works best for the student
  • Courses can be completed at a pace that works best for each person
  • Courses are completed from the comfort of your home

It's Respected

  • Our caring teachers have years of online teaching experience and are dedicated to students' success
  • Our curriculum meets State of Michigan and national standards
  • My Virtual Academy has been awarded accreditation by:
    • The North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI)
    • The Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC)
    • The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI)
    • The regional accrediting agencies that span the AdvancED global network
    • MVA is a family-owned, Michigan based company
My teachers are always helping me and are patient with me with my classes. I want them to know that I appreciate their effort and they give me hope. They give me support and pep talks and help in any way that they can. If I don't finish for me I'll finish for them. Whenever I had a question for them It would never go unanswered . There's help always and they make it easy for me to reach them when I Need them. Just thank you. Thanks for helping me and many other students, Thank you for believing in me, Thank You for being awesome teachers. Just a million thanks!

Samantha S., My Virtual Academy