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What is My Virtual Academy?

Until just recently attending middle school and high school required attending full-time on-site.

Education is adapting to our changing world. With online learning and virtual learning becoming more accepted, students now have opportunities for a customized, convenient, flexible school experience.

This is why My Virtual Academy exists.

  • Provide high-quality education to students from all walks of life
  • Meet the needs of students who struggle with traditional, on-site schooling
  • Offer flexible and interactive online classes available 24/7

What It Is

My Virtual Academy is an online learning program that enables students who struggle with traditional on-site education to achieve their educational goals.

Why It's Needed

Every student deserves the chance to succeed! My Virtual Academy can help students realize their high school graduation dream.


  • Positions students to learn in a way that's best for them
  • Helps students earn their diploma
  • Empowers students to achieve better careers
  • Improves local communities

Who It's For

Today's middle school and high school students encounter challenges that can be very difficult to overcome. Some of these include:

  • Student disciplinary issues
  • Student pregnancy/teen parents
  • Anxiety issues
  • Physical or mental disability
  • Bullying
  • Employed students
  • Students seeking accelerated education

Or, in some cases, families simply prefer home schooling for their children rather than traditional on-site education. Other students may live in rural areas where daily transportation to their schools presents a difficulty.

Whatever the situation and the need, we serve students from across the State of Michigan and empower them to achieve their educational goals.

Where It's Offered

My Virtual Academy currently partners with many school districts in Michigan. Students seeking to enroll can do so through the district of their choosing.

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Mrs. M is special because first of all, she made me feel very welcome from our first day of conversation. I feel very comfortable having her as my teacher. She always answers my phone calls or my online messages. She listens to me and she is always considerate of my feelings and whatever situation I make her aware of. Mrs. M always simplifies my issues in a way that I can understand or at least try to. What I love most is even though I am not all the way caught up in my courses, she lets me know this without being harsh about it. My memory is short term so it takes me awhile to get directly where I need to be. Mrs. M will give me a call occasionally to check on me, make suggestions that will help, and send messages as well. I want to say thank you so much to Mrs. M for being considerate of my disabilities in some of my assignments, because for me, math is not a subject I can comprehend very well.

RyShayla D., My Virtual Academy