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Success Stories

My Virtual Academy takes great pride in the success that each of our students achieve. Our students are very diverse and each has their own story to tell, however, they all have the same goal—earning their high school diploma. Visit our YouTube channel to hear more from our students.

  • Normal high schools were always rough for me. Too loud, too distracting, and overall, over-stimulating. I yo-yoed from normal public school classes, to online classes, to a smaller school all together. In my 4 years at a public school you would never be able to tell that I excel in a class. My grades were too low, I had missing assignments and I lacked motivation. I was reading at a college grade level in in 9th grade, but still nobody saw potential in me. All in all, I hated school. I was 18 with enough credits to be a 10th grader and 2 years of high school left. I was stuck in a rut. That was, until I found out about My Virtual Academy. Read more...
  • ...I'd like to thank my teachers and the staff at MVA for supporting and helping me more than my home school ever did. As those of you that know me it's been a dark couple of years for me...thankfully this year I've seen more light than I thought I would, and I owe a good part of that to you guys. So as I leave this all behind and keep pressing forward, once again I'd just like to thank you all for encouraging me and not giving up on me! #classof2016

    Camden R.

  • I may have never finished this chapter if it wasn't for this school

    Andre C.

  • What I like most about MVA is that it saved my life. I was bullied a lot and had medical problems that kept me away from my old school. The teachers are unbelievably nice and help you get through personal and school troubles. The teachers continually call to make sure you are on track and if you fall behind, they help you figure out why and how they can help you move forward. I had an amazing three years at My Virtual Academy and the curriculum is well explained and taught me a lot more than I ever learned at public school. Nothing bad to say about MVA.

    Katelyn B.

  • Mrs. H has always helped me out as a teacher and mentor. I can always call with any questions I have and she will always have an answer for me or find out the solution for me. She has a kind and understanding heart, she cares a lot about helping the students. She has always been kind and helpful when talking to my mom they talk like friends. She gives me encouragement when I feel like giving up on a subject.

    Amber T., My Virtual Academy

  • MVA is the greatest school I have ever attended because they really do care about you. They want to help you succeed, and are at your disposal if you need them.

    Marley W.