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Virtual Clubs: Socialization for Online Students

By Niki Taite  MVA photo

At My Virtual Academy, we pride ourselves on student involvement. Although you may think it would be a struggle to get online learners to participate, we have a great amount of students who participate in our clubs.  Our only requirement is that you are currently working in your courses and keeping up with district mentor contact. We understand that life happens and our students may fall a little behind, but as long as they are working towards completing, they are allowed to continue in our clubs.MVA Clubs (2)

With 13 active clubs (listed below), we have something for all of our students.  I am proud to be in charge of our teen parent group. Our M.O.M (Moms on a Mission) group was created to bring all of our My Virtual Academy teen moms together. This is a group that embraces ideas/tips on parenting, along with discussions on current struggles/successes with our little ones. Weekly, I post a tip and encourage moms to give their input, as well. This is a group that will help our students realize that they are not alone and there are other teen moms that are dealing with similar struggles while perusing their high school diploma. Currently, we have 36 students enrolled in our M.O.M. club and 10 teachers.happy-mother-feeding-baby-boy-milk-bottle-7703765

MVA Clubs Offered to all Middle and High School Students:

 Art Club

Book Club

Chocolate Club

Career Club

College Planning Club and First Generations Club

Cooking Club

Environmental Club

Joy Luck Club

Moms on a Mission

Movie Club

Music Club

Pens and Pictures Club

Pinterest Club

S.T.E.M.  Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Niki Taite is the Lead Teacher for MVA’s Elective Teacher Team as well as the moderator for M.O.M – Moms on a Mission. She is also the mom to a very adorable and active 3 year old daughter named Marley.

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