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An Increase in Adolescent Mental Disorders is Causing Many Teens to Turn to Alternative Education Options

By: Danielle Yanssens
Studies have shown a rise in anxiety, depression and behavioral disorders among teens. According to Psychology Today teens are five to eight times more likely to suffer from depression than they were 50 years ago. Many adolescents are simply terrified to go to school.

There are alternative schools, such as Neil E. Reid High School in Clinton Township, Michigan, with programs addressing the needs of students with severe behavioral and emotional issues. Many teens are able to attend these schools and find success. It is often helpful for them to meet other students dealing with similar issues, and is a big relief to know they are not the only ones struggling.

Teens suffering from anxiety or depression are often terrified to attend traditional school.
Teens suffering from anxiety or depression are often terrified to attend traditional school.

Many students cannot take that first step to attend any school. Credit recovery is an option, offering students the ability to take one course at a time when they are ready. However the price can be restrictive for some parents.

Attending a virtual school is an option that many have turned to. Those affiliated with public school districts are free to attend. When students feel immobilized in a classroom among other students, being able to continue their education at home can be the key to allowing them to stay on track for completing high school and earning their diploma. Some students are able to work from home for one or two semesters and then transition back to their brick and mortar school after therapy and counseling.

A My Virtual Academy parent, who requested to remain anonymous, said she thought her daughter was being defiant. She would cry and scream, refusing to leave the house to go to school. The mother went as far as trying to physically force her into the car to take her to school. She felt helpless and finally took her daughter to a psychiatrist. She discovered her daughter was suffering from depression. While her daughter was being treated for the disease, she enrolled her in My Virtual Academy to keep her from falling too far behind in school.

These alternative education avenues are not ideal for many, but they are a necessary choice for some students. For detailed information on various children’s mental health issues and their impact on their education go to

Danielle Yanssens is in charge of Continuous Improvement for My Virtual Academy. Her organization also offers On-site Alternative Education programs, several free online learning options and credit recovery for students throughout the state of Michigan.

Source: The Decline of Play and Rise in Children’s Mental Disorders, Psychology Today January 2010. Author Peter Gray for “Free to Learn”.

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