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What is Coding?

December 7th through the 13th was Computer Science Education Week, and all week My Virtual Academy encouraged both students and teachers to participate in an Hour of Code – Most people think to themselves “what is coding” and why is it so important?


Coding is being pushed by companies and educators because businesses know that there will be a huge shortage of computer science college graduates to fill the need we have, based on the amount of technology we are currently dependent on. Trends show that this need is only going to increase. Many educators and professionals believe that because technology is such an integral part of life, every student graduating from high school should at least have a basic knowledge of coding.


Just like anything new, students can be intimidated by coding. While coding can be difficult to learn, there are many programs available that have broken down “how to code” into manageable segments. Here are a few of the more popular tutorials from

Several of our students and even some teachers participated in the Coding challenge we gave them and here are just a few of their comments:

“These are great!”
“This is pretty cool! :-)”
“This is addictive!”

Our goal is for all of our students to graduate college and/or career ready. Most of our students are getting their education Back on Track, and we want that to continue beyond high school. There are so many Computer Science jobs available at so many levels, that we encourage all students to check out coding to see if it is something that may interest them.

Danielle Yanssens is in charge of Continuous Improvement for My Virtual Academy. Her organization also offers On-site Alternative Education programs, several free online learning options and credit recovery for students throughout the state of Michigan. Their goal is to help all students who have dropped out of school get Back on Track.

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