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What sets us apart from other Virtual Middle and High Schools?

By: Danielle Yanssens

I often hear commercials on the radio and have advertisements pop up on my laptop for virtual middle and high schools. I work for an educational company, and a virtual school is one of many ways we assist students in getting their high school diploma. So what sets us apart from other virtual schools? That’s an easy one – our staff.


At My Virtual Academy our staff focuses on making connections with students. Teachers and Advocates work hard to know their students, communicating with them once a week at a minimum. Employees of most virtual schools are exactly that – virtual. They work from their homes the majority of the time. Our staff works out of our Clinton Township, MI location at least 75% of the time, allowing for collaboration among teachers, quick access to information about students and lots of ongoing professional development.

“My boys are getting the education they deserve. The staff is amazing and it’s nice knowing they really do care about the students.” Kimberly P.

We always start with the question “why did you decide to attend a virtual school”? We find out if the student is struggling in life, or just wants to work independently and maybe graduate early. We ask students to set goals for themselves and consistently encourage them to achieve their goals. We hold live sessions every week so the students are able to interact with each other and their teachers in real time.

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Our staff is always addressing the basic needs of our students so that they are able to focus on their educational needs. Advocates have a list of resources for all of the areas throughout Michigan that our students live. If someone tells us that they can’t provide food or diapers for their baby, or they have been evicted from their home, we are able to direct them to services that address those needs, knowing that if those basic needs aren’t met, they won’t be able to sit down and focus on their school work.

“I’ve been to a lot of schools, and this school is by far the best I’ve been to. I love all the staff/teachers, etc. Everyone is so nice and they’re always encouraging. They try to help you any way that they can. I can’t wait to finish in the fall.” Bernadette R

At My Virtual Academy every staff member believes that each student is one caring adult away from succeeding, and they each work hard at being that caring adult in order to get the student back on track.

Danielle Yanssens is in charge of Continuous Improvement for My Virtual Academy. Her organization also offers On-site Alternative Education programs, several free online learning options and credit recovery for students throughout the state of Michigan. If you or your child are looking for a different middle or high school experience visit

My Virtual Academy.

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