The Role of District Advocates in My Virtual Academy

My Virtual Academy provides tuition free online schooling for middle school and high school students throughout Michigan.  At My Virtual Academy we strive to support students and families throughout their educational experience. One way we provide support is through our District Coaches/Advocates. They are a support team committed to student well-being and continued success.

Below gives you a brief snapshot of each District Coach/Advocate and how they view their role at My Virtual Academy.

Mrs. Benacquisto

  1. I approach my students with the intent to make a meaningful connection, my first question is “Why did you choose My Virtual Academy?” I have students who have an illness, children, mental issues, legal issues, social issues, issues with authority figures, anger issues, and one who is starting a singing career.
  2. My approach to each student is different, although I say one positive thing in every conversation.
  3. I have found shelter for students, and food pantries; I have tried to teach students how to talk to probation officers and case workers. I listen when they cry about the pressure they feel from the world around them, some students have so little and no adult to lean on. I have had students cry when I tell them “I am proud of you”.
  4. I teach students to take responsibility for their actions, not everything is someone else’s fault. I help make schedules so the student can stay on pace, or catch up in their classes.
  5. I make sure my students contact their mentor weekly, and know about state testing.


Mrs. Clark

  1. Being a consistent person in the student/parent’s life is huge.  A  lot of our families do not know what consistency is, and to have someone they know they can count on to ‘check in’ on them is invaluable.
  2. It is important that we are here to talk about school related issues, but also other accomplishments/issues.  School is just a fraction of their life, and as a coach we can focus on other aspects of their life too!

Mrs. Gibson

  1.  Providing consistent weekly communication to cultivate a relationship that is both caring and stable is crucial.  We are here when they need to vent frustrations, as well as positive aspects of their lives in and out of school. We are able to support students by providing assistance in the form of tech support, internet installation and reminding them of responsibilities such as: contacting their mentor, attending state testing, and answering any questions they may have with regard to, but not limited to their education.
  2. We encourage not only academic achievement, but continued success in various ways. We can help students form realistic attainable personal, and educational goals.
  3. We are able to recognize students for their hard work, dedication, and positive contributions for themselves and society. We are one of their biggest cheerleaders.
  4. We help students learn to balance their academic and personal life.

Mrs. Madigan

  1. Weekly Communication-It’s important to be able to talk to my students on a regular basis so I know what is going on with them. If I know what’s going on, I can make better suggestions on how I can help them. For the students I don’t get to talk to, I keep reminding them that I am here for them if they need me.
  2. Sense of Humor-I think it’s important to joke with the students sometimes. Most students usually hear negative things (usually because they aren’t working like they should be). If I can remind them about the importance of school, but sometimes depending on the situation, still be able to lighten things up, it leaves the students feeling a little better or more positive about where they are at in regards to school.
MVA Student

Mrs. Pauls

  1. We serve as a support system for the students.  We help to get them back on track and check in on them to see how everything is going.  If they haven’t been working in their courses, we find out why and then we try to help them get back on track.
  2. We try to learn more about our students: Why did you choose to switch over to MVA?  What kind of sports or hobbies are you into?  Do you have a job outside of school?
  3. We want our students to trust us and to feel that they could talk to us if they need anything.

Mrs. Peck

1)  I feel that our relationships with the students make them feel more confident in themselves, and thus they are able to complete more classes/courses.

2) We go above and beyond by providing families with resources that lead to housing, food, help with bills, etc, thus enabling them to focus on school once again.

3) Our weekly calls and contacts show the students that there are people out there that care and believe in them when many other adults have failed.

Mrs. Powell

1.Weekly contact with students is key. Providing a consistent, stable connection reaching out to students to check on their status (education, mental health, well being).

2.Scheduling-I like doing this when students are looking for alternatives and it allows the students to approach completing courses in a more manageable way with less stress and a structured plan.

3.Schoology Posts for Fun-I like to post “National (blank) Day” and have students respond. It’s another connection from me to them, it encourages students to share more about themselves, and it promotes interaction among their peers.


Ms. Vahovick

  1. We reach out to our students with a smile on our face and in our voice when we call them.  They need our sincere interest and caring.
  2.  We are an advocate for our students.  We help them see what it will take to complete this semester, this year and graduate.  How many classes?  How many hours, how many assignments per week, per day….
  3.  Sometimes we support the parents, too.  If we can help the parents understand, then we may be able to get through to the students

The District Coach/Advocate role provides support staff to work with students in various capacities, and supplies community resources to online students and their families.  This is only one way we, at My Virtual Academy, support our students and encourage continued success.

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