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About My Virtual Academy

Every student's educational journey is unique. Some students encounter challenges that are difficult to overcome, and just need help overcoming those challenges.

My Virtual Academy provides online schooling for students to achieve their educational goals.

Our tuition-free online programs help students who struggle with traditional schooling. Some of the reasons students and their families choose My Virtual Academy include:

  • Family prefers home schooling
  • Student disciplinary issues
  • Student pregnancy/teen mothers
  • Physical or mental challenges
  • Bullying
  • Student seeks accelerated education

Our programs are for students in grades K-12.

Advantages for Parents/Guardians and Students

Parents and guardians of our students enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing there's a dedicated team to help their child succeed. Advantages for parents/guardians include:

  • Personalized teaching and advising from a teacher and school district mentor
  • Convenient courses that are available 24/7
  • Flexible scheduling to meet each student's schedule
  • Engaging curriculum with plenty of interactive learning activities
  • No cost for the students' hardware and software
  • Accredited programs that meet State requirements
  • Student course schedules follow Michigan Merit Curriculum
  • Teachers and mentors communicate weekly with students, parents/guardians
  • Parents/guardians receive progress reports throughout the year.

What I liked most about MVA was that it saved my life. I was bullied a lot and had medical problems that kept me away from my old school. The teachers are unbelievably nice and help you get through personal and school troubles. The teachers continually call to make sure you are on track and if you fall behind, they help you figure out why and how they can help you move forward. I had an amazing three years at My Virtual Academy and the curriculum is well explained and taught me a lot more than I ever learned at public school. Nothing bad to say about MVA.

– Katelyn B., Harper Woods Virtual Academy